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One of the biggest investments made by any business is their investment in people. When the cost of recruitment, retention and training are added up every business invests significant capital in its people. It should go without saying that businesses like yours should be looking to maximise the R.O.I. in this vital area.

Maximising your R.O.I. on people requires two key elements of focus: the processes they use and their personal contribution to the success of the business.

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Improve your processes

It is well known that a tradesman is only as good as his tools. In business that is the processes that enable you to deliver what your customers want, when they want it. We regularly unlock tens of thousands of pounds worth of unrealised profit in the businesses we work with. Simply by taking this first fundamental step of choosing to focus on improving the processes your employees use every day.

Improve individual contribution

A key element to getting the most out of your team is the ability of your team leaders and senior management to enable people to bring all of themselves, their knowledge and skills to bear in the workplace. Through our “Art of Enabling” programs we equip those with responsibility for others to become enablers who are able to help those with whom they work to focus on working towards the end result with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Meet the team

Ian Harrison

Ian Harrison

Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator

Robert Heed

Robert Heed

Business Coach and Finance Specialist

Myles Downey

Myles Downey

Lead for School of Coaching International and Executive Coach

What our clients are saying

“Working with Ian has been life-changing. I am someone who reads a lot about business development, working with teams and how to improve my own performance, but it is not until you sit with someone and truly examine yourself, how you work and interact with others and how those interaction affect both your career and those around you, that you can really understand how to make the improvements you seek.

Our sessions have never felt like deliberate coaching with the overt use of techniques that you can read and attempt to regurgitate. Rather they have felt like conversations where time has flown by and where it has been easy to be open and honest, and because of that it has felt like the lightbulb moments have been enjoyed by us both.

But even more than that is the impact it has had on my home life, with so much that I have learned being taken into my relationships with my wife and children and wider family and friends, all of whom have noticed a massive change, so for that I cannot thank you enough!”

Scott SimmonsPerformance Coaching

“I started out with a healthy degree of scepticism. I wondered about the course’s relevance to us as veterinary surgeons and practice owners and as to whether there would be much to gain from these few days. It has been a great journey to see how the skills we’ve covered can be used in all walks of life. It’s been a very positive experience. The power of the simplicity of the techniques that we have learned and the results they have gathered, whether it be in the morning spent on the tennis court, or the one-to-one sessions that we have done together, it’s been very demonstrative of the value of the skills that we have been learning.”

Philip IvensThe Art of Enabling

“The leadership course we took with you was the most valuable time I spent learning anything. I think about all of it all the time.”

Michael Oxbarrow

“I attended a seminar on ‘Presenting for your business’. It was superb. Delivered well, covering all the areas I needed it to. By the end of the day the whole group were more confident in speaking and delivering in public, a great achievement. I would recommend Ian to anyone looking to grow and develop their business further.”

Tim Sargent