Client Results

The work we do is 100% confidential. We have worked in public private and third sectors and with organisations of vastly different sizes. Here are some results we have seen with our clients.

Personal Performance

A senior solicitor whose home life had become particularly stressful approached us for coaching support. With professional exams looming the balancing act between the demands of work, the need to study and pressures at home had become very difficult. Coaching enabled our client to work through the different pressures, to organise their time more efficiently and to find strategies that prevented them becoming paralysed by the demands of work, study and home.

Team Performance

A high-level team in a public sector organisation had found themselves in a defensive and reactive mode of operating. We facilitated a number of days work with the team in which the team rediscovered their sense of clarity and purpose. By the end of our work with the team, they had a clear strategy to recover a proactive stance that would enable them to have a positive and strategic impact in the organisation.

Project Based Learning

A client wanted to begin the process of installing a design thinking culture into the business. A team of six (ranging from an intern to a director) were chosen to participate. We provided an introduction to design thinking skills whilst facilitating the team as they looked at improving customer service.

At the end of the 3-month process, the team had prototyped a new approach to customer service that was expected to increase customer satisfaction, speed up customer support and reduce the time spent on customer service. Our client is currently preparing to roll out this new approach and has created capacity within the customer service team to deal with expected growth.


Our client wanted to reduce the dependency on the senior team by encouraging greater leadership within the business. Having worked with the CEO to identify 10 potential leaders we designed a training programme that would introduce leadership skills whilst getting the participants to identify areas for improvement in the business. This combination of training and facilitation has a number of advantages. Each participant was enabled to explore their own leadership style whilst the group identified two areas of business improvement to work on. These were pitched to the senior leadership who gave the green light for the projects to go ahead. By the end of our 10-week programme, two teams had formed and were leading specific business improvement projects.

A year after the training the CEO acknowledged that the impact of the programme was still visible in the business through changed behaviour and the projects that had been launched.


Business Finance

One of the business we work with needed to fund acquisitions as part of their growth plan. The normal banking route was not offering the level of support that I client needed, so it was time to look outside of the box. At Growhouse GB we were able to provide a refinancing package utilising existing assets and blend this with a mixture of debt and equity. The result is that this client has now grown his business, significantly increased his turnover and can now show an excellent EBITDA.

We were approached by a start-up company which are notoriously difficult to fund. With the help of some local backed funding blended with a successful grant application, we enabled our clients to fulfil their dream.

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